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Music Sites

Bethan Nia - Harpist & Singer

Meg Cox Celtic Fiddle

The Hay Band - Ceilidh - Twmpath - Barn Dance

Rogora Khart - Black Sea Punk

Richard Digance -

Robin & Bina Williamson -

John James -

Pibau Cymreig - Welsh Bagpipes

RUFF Ceilidh Dances

Folk development organisation for Wales.

Fishguard Folk Festival


The Sealed Knot

The Original Re-enactors Market

National Living History Fayre


Musical Instrument Sites

Concertinas & Drums

Small Harps

Handmade Violins

Rees Wesson Melodeons


Handmade Guitars

Handmade Woodwind

Handmade guitars/mandolins

Guide to Folk Instrument Makers

Bernard Oleary - Violin Making and Repair - Everything about concertinas...

The Taborers Society

Flight Case Makers

Other Sites

Brinley Williams

Stained Glass by Bryn Young

Isca Woodcrafts


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